Sarah Haverstick

Safety Advocate for Goodbaby International

Sarah Haverstick serves as Safety Advocate for Goodbaby International, which includes the Evenflo,
CYBEX, gb and Urbini car seat brands. Sarah is currently celebrating her 10 th year in child passenger
safety. She is a certified Child Passenger Safety Technician Instructor and an instructor in the safe
transportation of children with special health care needs. She has held positions on numerous local,
state and national boards related to injury prevention and is a former chair of the National Child
Passenger Safety Board. Sarah received her bachelor’s in Political Science from Rutgers University and
lives in Nashville, TN.

My Sessions

How Do I Pick The Right Seat?

Commisary Dining Room

Learn some tips for finding the right seat for your little one from a panel of CPSTs from various Car Seat companies. This panel shows the synergistic relationships that exist among various Car Seat companies and their daily strides to ensuring the utmost safety for children riding in car seats. This powerful collaboration of experts, […]

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