Saarah Samadani

Founder New Bloom Media & BeautyMomme, Co-Founder


Saarah is an enthusiastic & innovative influencer that owns her own media company in Los Angeles, called New Bloom Media.  She has built a community of loyal and engaged followers who love health, wellness beauty, lifestyle and mommy.  She continues to put together and re-invent healthier alternative meals both for the health-conscious connoisseur and families that experience food allergies/intolerance.   All of her recipes are allergy-friendly, quick to prepare and incorporate a super food to add an extra boost of wellness.

Highly accomplished Social Media Technology Manager with extensive experience in effective social media marketing techniques, web analytics and a broad knowledge of many social media platforms. Saarah also has ten years of experience in software engineering including design, code, test, maintenance and debugging. She currently holds a BS in Computer Engineering from UCR, a Masters in Systems Architecture and Engineering Management from USC and a degree in Marketing with an emphasis in Social Media & Web Analytics from UCLA.

Wife and Mom to 2

Saarah is a wife and mom to a handsome and spunky little boy and a beautiful and sweet little girl. With two children still in car seats, child safety is on the forefront of her mind always.


My Sessions

The Safe Product Obsession (sponsored by many amazing brands)

Commisary Dining Room

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