Uppababy on Car Seat Safety

Your Car Seat Manufacturer Should be Your Primary Resource for Information

There is no doubt that social media and the internet are great tools for information. I
am guilty of googling information myself on a regular basis. When it comes to
products that deal with safety, I always go to the manufacturer as my resource. I
highly encourage parents and caregivers to do the same. At UPPAbaby, our Customer
Experience team is always equipped to handle all questions and direct you to
appropriate resources.

I am part of many social media sites and I constantly see questions about car seats
and safety regulations. The questions are posed to the members of that group rather
than to their brand of car seat. Please do yourself a favor and head to the
manufacturer’s website or give their customer service team a call. You’ll be happy
you did because your information will be correct, and you won’t be questioning
yourself or what someone else advised you to do! Safety is most important!

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