UnbuckleME Makes Car Seat Buckles Easy

Car Seat Buckles Made Easy

Did you know that the red button on child car seat buckles requires 9 lbs. of pressure to
open? Whether you’re a mom with long nails or a grandma with arthritis… it’s a PAIN.
A new grandma in Houston was frustrated that she couldn’t unbuckle her granddaughter
because of arthritis in her thumbs. Luckily, she is also an Occupational Therapist and
invented a simple tool to solve her problem.

Save your Nails

If you know someone who struggles with car seat buckles, UnbuckleMe is a GAME
CHANGER. UnbuckleMe uses leverage to reduce the force to unbuckle by more than
50%. It does not attach to the car seat, for safety. With UnbuckleMe, you’ll never break
a nail again.

Bonus: Speed up the Carpool Line

Busy moms with multiple kids get plenty of exercise moving everyone in and out of the
car. UnbuckleMe gives them a break by empowering older kids to unbuckle themselves,
which is especially helpful when they’re back in the 3 rd row. Kids love the independence!
When not in use, be sure to keep UnbuckleMe out of reach of children (Note: Children 4
yrs+ usually have the dexterity to use this product)

CPST Approved

UnbuckleMe does not attach to the car seat and should be safely kept away from kids
when the car is moving. Attach it to your keychain or diaper bag, or store in a safe place
in the car (like the side door pocket, glove compartment, or back pocket of the driver's

Take the time to properly buckle your kids in the car,
and feel confident that you can unbuckle them with EASE.

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