Relieve Your Baby’s Nasal Congestion with a Cleaner Infant Saline

Relieve Your Baby’s Nasal Congestion with a Cleaner Infant Saline

Babies can suffer from colds and allergies, just like kids and adults! But unlike kids and adults,
caring for sick babies requires special attention and direction. When your little one gets sick,
you should always consult your pediatrician with any concerns and especially before
administering any medicines.

Luckily, there’s a safe and effective option for helping relieve your baby’s nasal congestion.
Nasal saline spray nasal saline is completely drug-free, which means you don’t have to worry as
much about side effects, overuse, or the other concerns that come along with over-the-counter
medicines. Saline solutions are made with salt, adjusted to match the normal salinity of the
human body. This means it is especially effective in preventing dehydration. Saline is even safe
for clearing little noses too!

However, some saline solutions are full of other, potentially harmful chemicals and fillers like
propylene glycol and disodium EDTA. As a parent, you know that the early years of your baby’s
life are extremely important for his or her development. That’s why Genexa has created a safer,
drug-free nasal spray for infants, free of those potentially toxic chemicals.
Saline Care for Infants™ is a certified organic and non-GMO nasal spray. Because nasal sprays
are a little too intense for little noses, Genexa’s Saline Care for Infants comes with a gentle
dropper that soothes and washes away mucus. By relieving sinus symptoms due to allergies and
colds, Saline Care helps little noses breathe easy!

How do you use it?

Saline Care for Infants is a surprisingly easy and effective solution for infant nasal congestion.
Before using an infant saline, you can use a suction bulb to remove mucus from his or her nose.
Then, place the dropper just inside the opening of the nose. Squeeze the dropper to administer
the recommended dosage on the packaging. After you repeat on the other side, hold your baby
in the same position for a few minutes to allow the droplets to flow into the sinuses. But if your
little one starts to cough or fuss, let him or her sit up. You’ll want to keep a tissue handy, as
mucus will run out of your baby’s nose after using the saline! After a few minutes, your little
one will breathe easier.
For more information about Genexa’s Saline Care for Infants and tips on caring for your baby,
go to Genexa’s website.


Genexa is the world’s first and only pharmaceutical company using patent-pending technology
to create cleaner over-the-counter (OTC) medicines free of potentially harmful inactive
ingredients. Genexa introduced the first USDA Certified Organic and Non-GMO Project Verified
OTC medicines to the market, and has since expanded its line significantly.

Genexa’s products can be purchased on or in store at CVS, GNC, Sprouts and additional health

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