Parent To Parent – We’ve Got Your Back

All parents know when you have your first child, your whole world changes. You start
thinking about things you hadn’t before; you study that little person’s behavior to the tee:
why their cry sounds a certain way? Which spots are the tickle spots? How to get them to
sleep? Or what are the best ways to get them to eat those veggies?! All these questions are
normal and we all ask them!
Parent to parent – we know how hard it is to get your kiddos the nutrients they need. We all
have the “picky eater”, or the “food fighter”, or maybe even the “face painter” – and getting
them to eat just about anything green seems utterly impossible. Luckily, getting them the
nutrients they need, doesn’t have to be. We are a brand made by parents for parents,
because we get it.
Smart Family Nutrition was born out of the desire to help families become healthier and
happier. Partnering with the Sears family of pediatricians, we formulated a magical mix that
targets the health of the gut and the brain! We stand strong behind the emphasis of the gut
– brain connection and know that what we put into our bodies, directly effects our brain

While our microbiome and our brain may not seem to be related at first glance, they are
both an important way to optimize our health! This is especially important for children as
they learn and grow. Think of your microbiome like the soil in a garden and your brain is a
beautiful Spring bloom. Everyone knows you must have a strong foundation of nutrient
dense soil, first, before your garden can thrive. Proper nutrition can affect your child’s brain
health in the same way.

Let’s Get Cellular (no, really!)

1. Cells need proper nutrition to function optimally.
2. Myelin sheath, which act as insulation over a cell axon can be weakened when
there are nutrient deficiencies, which can delay nerve-impulse transmissions.
3. Neurotransmitters are affected by the foods we eat because some nutrients
become part of the neurotransmission process after absorption. This includes
serotonin, dopamine, and norepinephrine and is likely the biological explanation for
how food can affect our mood.

If the gut isn’t efficiently digesting food and absorbing nutrients, the cell, myelin sheath, and
neurotransmitters will weaken.

The gut – brain connection is a crucial piece of your child’s development, but there’s good
news! It’s possible to support this through nutrient-dense foods, high-quality probiotics and
optimal doses of DHA!


With the help of our friends, families and the support of local doctors we want to spread the
word on the benefits of Probiotics and Omega-3 fatty acids (DHA) for brain health.
As parents ourselves, we tend to our family gardens with a few sprinkles of probiotics and
some raining drops of DHA! Join our #smartsquad and try our tasty Probiotics, our
trustworthy DHA, and our NEW Digital Eye Health products, today!

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