Empower Your Kids To Make Better Choices Online

When Ali Landry had a scenario arise with her own child encountering some questionable material at the age of 8, she began to realize that widespread pornography was a big problem—and a challenge for parents in today’s world.


That’s why she teamed up with Matt Fradd of Integrity Restored, a non-profit that provides resources and guidance to protect our kids from pornography, to create a short video series.

In a new, 7-part video series, Ali and Matt offer you an opportunity to enter into their frank discussion about what children are accessing online today and what we can do to help protect them and enable them to make healthy choices.

Just a few of the topics they bring up are:

  • What to do if your kids see (accidentally or purposefully) pornography
  • How to talk to your kids—of all ages—about this subject (You won’t want to miss Matt’s great example of what to say to young kids!)
  • Tools you can utilize to support your discussions with your kids and to help keep them safe
  • The pros and cons of filtering—is it worth it even if there are loopholes?
  • What your teens know about modern day pornography that you might not
  • The effect of pornography use on teenagers as they start to develop relationships

Pornography is not an isolated activity—it has vast ripple effects on people’s emotional, psychological and even physical well-being. If you’re ready to take the first step talking to your kids about this subject, or even if you think there are just a few pointers you may be missing, Matt and Ali’s conversations are a great place to start.

Access all 7 short videos – click here.

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