Angelcare Monitors Check On Baby For You….All Night Long

Angelcare, the worldwide leader in movement monitoring offers a solution to give parents peace of mind that their baby is sleeping soundly so they can sleep restfully too.  The new AC417 and AC517 (Baby Movement Monitors) constantly monitor baby’s movement even when they are sleeping and will send an audible alert to parents in seconds when baby needs them.  With technology so sensitive and advanced, the Angelcare monitors will monitor baby’s slightest movements that regular video and audio monitors are unable to do.

These new movement, video and audio monitoring systems include the only wireless movement sensor pad on the market, and feature Angelcare’s new Activity Tracking that senses baby’s movement level.

Ultimate Peace of Mind

With new moms and dads are getting up to check on baby as much as 4 or more times throughout the night, Angelcare monitors are designed for parents to have less worry and more sleep knowing that a watchful eye and ear is being kept on their baby even when they can’t.  The ultimate result is more peace of mind (and rest) for everyone. 

Modern Design

Angelcare’s new systems not only feature the latest advancements in monitoring technology, they also offer a sleek new design.   The clean, modern design of the new Baby Movement Monitors will complement any decor.   In the nursery, the wireless sensor pad is accompanied by a low profile, wall-mountable video camera with wide-angle lens and color-changing room temperature display.  The new parent unit features a large touchscreen display (5” on the AC517 or 4.3” on the AC417) which enables caregivers to check on baby in real time, and track baby’s activity level with up to two months of data.

The AC417 (Baby Movement Monitor with 4.3” Touchscreen Display and Wireless Sensor Pad) and the AC517 (Baby Movement Monitor with 5” Touchscreen Display and Wireless Sensor Pad) are available at North American retailers nationwide.  For more information visit

About Angelcare

Angelcare – For your peace of mind

The worldwide leader in movement monitoring, Angelcare gives parents 24/7 peace of mind while helping their children thrive with a range of products that employ advanced technology and innovative, research-based design.  Angelcare products are sold in 60 countries and include award-winning monitors, diaper disposal systems and baby care products.  For more information, visit

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