5 Tips for Safe Playtime

Tips for keeping babies safe during play time

Safety is a top priority for all parents. While you shop around for the safest carseat, changing table and crib for your little ones, don’t forget about play time! Babies and toddlers are naturally curious and they learn through play. Here are some tips to keeping your baby safe during play time:

1. Increase floor time.

Instead of letting your baby play on the couch or bed where there is a risk of rolling off, let your baby explore and play while on the floor.

2. Encourage tummy time.

Place babies on their tummies to play in order to help develop head and neck muscles. Proper development will help keep babies steadier and safer as they become more mobile.

3. Choose a play mat that absorbs impact.

Not all play mats are created equal. A play mat that absorbs impact, such as a Parklon play mat, will have the proper cushioning to protect your child’s head and delicate bones from injury when he or she stumbles.

4. Choose a nontoxic play mat.

Babies will spend a lot of time in their play space and they will likely put everything in their mouth. Be sure to choose a play mat and toys that are free of BPA, phthalates and other harmful chemicals.

5. Use a play fence.

Once your baby starts rolling over, place a play fence around your Parklon play mat so that he or she does not wander to an unsafe area.


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